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9 months ago, I suffered a rotator cuff injury. The doctor recommended rest, so I rested. First 4 weeks, then another 4 weeks. Then 2 shots of cortisone shots in the shoulder area. Then another 4 weeks of rest. Then some gentle physiotherapy with massage and self-massage which lessened the pain but not enough to resume workout. FYI - I did calisthenics and was able to do 10-8-6 good-form chin-above-the-bar pull-ups, and was well on my way to front levers and starting to train for muscle-ups. 9 months of not working out was very disasppointing. I got referred to Holisticare by a very good friend 6 weeks ago. We started treatment and Jason had me performing very light workouts and stretches which tested the limits of my ability to move my left shoulder. After 4 weeks I graduated with still some discomfort in the left shoulder but being able to do moderate workouts. Today, 2 weeks after saying goodbye to Jason, I just finished my stretch + workout with 2x10 good for military push ups without any pain - during or after. The Holisticare team is young, professional, kind and pro-active team that achieved in 4 weeks what others could not in 9 months. Thank you Jason and the team of Holisticare!

Kristof Avatar Kristof

Since going to Holisticare, the relief I’ve had from my migraines is incomparable to help I’ve received from medications and most chiropractors. After receiving several different kinds of chiropractic care (even tried that one with the machine that kicks your atlas into place) the physical therapy I’ve gotten from here has been phenomenal and it’s all thanks to the care and patience from Jason and his team. Making appointments always feels friendly, the muscle work and adjustment is amazing for really loosening the muscles around the areas that need to be realigned; and then, light stretches and exercises to help strengthen the muscles. The care I received is what I was expecting from a chiropractor, but they truly do all that they can in order to help their patients. Very thankful to have been able to be a patient with them. Thank you Holisticare for all of your help

Tristen Herron Avatar Tristen Herron

Very satisfied with the results from treatments and the staff is professional and pleasant to be around. My favorite part is that they offer cupping which really helps provide immediate relief to my back pain.

Maria Tijerina Avatar Maria Tijerina

Very professional job done well, through medical or paying yourself. Every last penny is worth it, I’d recommend going here before thinking about a chiropractor any day🤙🏽 I came in for physical therapy due to being hit by a car on my bike a week and a half prior. I already had neck and back pain for several years before this incident and I’ll tell you, I couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful help and therapy they’ve provided. 2 weeks and 3 appointments in and I’m currently recovering greatly from more than just the crash🖤

Shawn Hall Avatar Shawn Hall

Jason and his team deserves to be at the top ranking of Honolulu Very kind and professional I love also that I have the possibility to make appointments through texts And the welcoming coffee station The studio is cleaned and well maintained Very useful free parking stall for us patients Mahalo

Silvia Tedeschi Avatar Silvia Tedeschi

Best physiotherapy in Honolulu! For the last couple years I switch five different therapist places and they were not as good as this please! Definitely recommend it for people with pain Mahalo

Alexander K Avatar Alexander K

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