Why HolistiCare Physical Therapy?

  • HolistiCare Physical Therapy is owned and operated by Doctorate level Physical Therapists whose credentials, knowledge, and training are the new gold standard in the Physical Therapy profession.

  • Skilled physical therapy services will be provided 1 on 1 for over 50 minutes per session by licensed professionals, including customized treatment programs to help patients achieve their goals.

  • HolistiCare Physical Therapy offers a truly holistic approach. By combining modern Western Physical Therapy with traditional Eastern healing practices, we can achieve results for difficult diagnoses that normal Physical Therapy clinics struggle with.

  • We strive to treat holistically, seeing each client as a unique individual rather than simple body parts. We aim to examine the person's body in whole, also taking into consideration psychosocial, emotional, and physiological components of rehabilitation.

Senior Physiotherapy

Mission statement

HolistiCare Physical Therapy are board-certified, Doctors of Physical Therapy who provide the highest standard of evidence based care to prevent and rehabilitate physical dysfunctions of all ages in Honolulu. Our individualized, hands-on approach to improve quality of life for our patients is available during times of most convenience in our modern facility. Our patients are at the center of our efforts as we consult with other health-care professionals to coordinate an inter-disciplinary plan for their health.



  • Quality of care

  • Education

  • Service to all in need

  • Honesty

  • Accountability

  • Accessibility

  • Innovation

  • Success

  • Evidence-based practice

  • Progression

  • Work/home balance